Truck Crane

    1. TTC025G-V Rated output (KW): 220
      Max. amount of total lifting (ton): 25
      Max. lifting torque (KN.M): 980
      Operating weight (KG): 32890
    1. TTC036G-V Rated output (KW): 221
      Max. amount of total lifting (ton): 36
      Max. lifting torque (KN.M): 1367
      Operating weight (KG): 37490
    1. TTC055G-V Rated output(KW): 247
      Max. amount of total lifting (ton): 55
      Max. lifting torque (KN.M): 1823
      Operating weight (KG): 41880
    1. TTC070G-V Rated output(KW): 140/276
      Max. amount of total lifting (ton): 70
      Max. lifting torque (KN.M): 2354
      Operating weight (KG): 46000

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